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Stock Description of Products
Anamet Electrical
Denver Anaconda Sealtite, Flexible Conduit, Fitings, Specialty Products & Whips
Denver Electrical Fitings & Connectors, Floor Boxes, Roof Top Supports, LV Accessories
Aktore Cope Factory Swaged Ladder Tray, I-Beam Ladder Tray, Trof Tray, Channel Tray, Wire Basket, Cope Glas Tray, and Aickenstrut Fiberglass Framing.
Aktore Unistrut
Denver Bolted Framing and Fitings
Factory CU Building Wire, MC Cable, NM-B, HMC, SER, SEU, SJOOW, SOOW, URD, RHH, RHW, Bare CU, Sprinkler, Submersible Pump, T-stat, Landscape, Healthcare
Classic - Wire & Cable
Factory AL SER, AL SEU, AL THHN, AL THWN, AL XHHW, AL URD, AL Service Drop, Bare AL, MC AL Armored, AL Mobile Home Feeder
E Box
Denver Metallic Enclosures and Wireway
Denver Transformers
Galvan Electrical
Denver Ground Rods, Clamps & Connectors
Factory Grounding, Bonding, Lighting
Protection & Exothermic Products
Denver All Heating Solutions!
Factory LV, MV & PV Cable, & Bare CU
Picoma Factory Steel and Aluminum Elbows, Couplings, and Fittings.
Factory Light Fixtures, Poles, & Sensors
Lightcloud – Lighting Controls
Service Wire Co.
Factory Armored Cables, Bare CU, Irrigation Cables, Single Conductors, Submersible Pump Cables, Tray & Power Cable, Twisted Cables, VFD Cables
SWC Sourcery Wire & Cable
Factory Labor Saving Solutions—Bundling, Twisting, Striping, and Pigtails
Time Mark Corporation
Factory Phase Voltage Current Monitors
Western Tube Factory Steel EMT, Rigid Metal Conduit, Intermediate Metal Conduit, and Rigid Aluminum Conduit.