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Effective January 2023 Electrical Lines now represents Ferret Tools!

Effective February 1, 2023 Electrical Lines is your new CERROWIRE representative for Colorado, Wyoming, and the Nebraska Panhandle!

Please contact your account manager today for more information or call (303) 722-5721 and talk to a member of our inside sales team!

Made in the USA or BAA

We get calls daily requesting products that are Made in the USA. Electrical Lines can help you. We have teamed up with several manufacturers that do provide Made in the USA products. These companies offer several products in their catalogs that can fill that request. Please note that there maybe items in the manufacturer’s catalog that are not Made in the USA, so it is best to call us to confirm that your specific item is.

  • Anamet
  • Arlington
  • E-Box Enclosures
  • Federal Pacific
  • Galvan Industries
  • Harger
  • Cerrowire
  • LS Cable and System U.S.A., Inc
  • Picoma
  • RAB Lighting
  • TimeMark
  • Unistrut
  • Western Tube
  • Cope Cable Tray

Lightcloud is a wireless lighting control system developed and supported by RAB.  Power and flexible, Lightcloud is easy to use and install.